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Tracey Allsopp | Wedding Photographer | Makeup Artist

Wow, you're actually here!  You're about to plan the biggest most exciting day of your life and I bet you're feeling sooo overwhelmed.

If you are anything like me, you're probably not the type of person who enjoys getting their photo taken.   I totally get it, and I want you to know that is the exact reason why I approach posing the way I do, Relax, I got you!

Flick me a message and let's have a chat, I will answer every question you have 😉

Things to know about me ..

I'm addicted to buying every new candle there is 🤣

I binge watch Netflix while I'm editing weddings

I love "All"  pretty things

I'm quite sopey when it comes to love, and I often tear up during the ceremony vows ❤️

I love to experiment with my "Keto" dishes, well try haha (mainly the sweet options) 😜


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This is where the magic happens. It's where you basically ask me out on a date as a third wheel, and we become friends. But first - there's a few things I want to know.

Fill out the contact form, and see my frequently asked questions. Thanks for being here friend.




Hopefully you have seen some of my work that resonates with you, so send me a message and we can make a plan together to make some epic memories for you!
Contact Tracey Allsopp, Christchurch Wedding Photography and Make-up specialist.

Telephone 03 337 9771
Mobile 0275 444 057
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